A Hästens bed is sleep like you’ve

never experienced it before


Hästens Superia is our most sophisticated frame bed. Inside its tight, compact size you’ll find double Hästens spring systems, dialed in for a poetic balance between comfort and support. Multiple layers of cotton and wool are distributed by hand across its expanse for a pliability and softness no synthetic bed could ever match.

Hästens attention to detail defines Superia, from the construction of its perfectly aligned frame to the lining that prevents dust from entering the bed from underneath. Superia is often described as supple to the touch, its layers of natural materials moulding to support and caress your body. Yet the support from within will make you feel almost weightless as you drift into sleep. Given that most of the technology in an integrated bed is contained in its frame, it’s vital this base is built to last to your exacting specifications, and that it meets our own peerless quality control. Superia exceeds on these counts. One factor of Superia’s twin Hästens spring systems are that they are virtually silent in operation. So while they work flawlessly to support your every move during sleep; they’ll do so without making a sound.

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Sophisticated and minimal, Hästens Classic is the newest of our continental beds. Its unique mix of materials delivers a slim profile that still provides the incredible deep support that Hästens is famed for.

It’s a bed that strikes the perfect balance among the classic hallmarks of a Hästens continental – the attention to detail, the craft, the construction and resulting sleep properties – without lifting the price skywards. Hästens Classic has layers of cotton, wool and flax, precisely distributed to give a supple surface feel that really lets you drop into its support. The Hästens horsehair top mattress provides that little extra initial spring. In the base of the Hästens classic sits an 8cm Hästens Bonnell spring system and sturdy corner springs for form alignment. In the mattress you’ll find a silent 13 Hästens Pocket Spring system isolating your movements effortlessly. Hästens Classic is available as a split bed for extra versatility and all bolster colours except white.

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With its stylish low-profile and poised stance, Hästens Luxuria is an unashamedly beautiful bed.
Handcrafted with durable horsehair and carefully sourced natural
materials, Luxuria delivers an incredible night’s sleep and is built with firmer,
more linear support characteristics.

Luxuria is defined by its slightly firmer support characteristics. You’ll feel how it immediately meets, and adjusts to, your body weight as you lie down before gently carrying you off to sleep.

This extra support comes from a Bonnell spring system with a thicker thread dimension. Thick layers of cotton close to your body provide added softness. With Luxuria, you’ll awake alert, refreshed and energized.

Real luxury is never artificial. It always comes from nature. And nature is the birthplace of Hästens Luxuria, one of the most loved beds in our continental bed collection.

Hästens Luxuria is more than just a beautiful bed, it’s the full package—delivering an incredible night’s sleep.

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Balanced softness and a very pliable combination of spring systems define Auroria, a continental bed with a softer personality. Side stitching in double rows in a pattern developed for this bed, brings structure to its form and a stability, backed up internally with flax corners. Some say that Auroria has a special movement, we suggest you find out for yourself.


Auroria has been constructed to bring pressure relief and support to your upper body and hips. An initial softness that you’ll sink into slowly, which is underpinned by deep stability.

It has a 13cm Hästens Bonnell spring system in its base, combined with a 15cm pocket spring in the upper mattress, wrapped in layers of cotton, horsetail hair, wool and flax.

Natural materials follow and adjust to your body’s contours, to ensure the right sleeping climate. In Aurora, these materials are allowed to flex and move to distribute pressure and softness across your body.

Beautiful mornings are born out of wonderful sleep. And wonderful sleep—well, that comes from carefully selected natural materials, genuine craftsmanship and centuries of bed making experience. Auroria is all that and more. It’s a work of art—the art we call sleeping.

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Deep, bold and powerful; Proferia delivers as a statement piece in any space. It signifies that you sleep in one of the most comfortable beds in the world and awake revitalised every single day. Proferia is sublime on all levels, boasting some of Hästens’ most pioneering sleep innovations.

A unique bed combining only the best materials and finest production methods. Experience the weightlessness as you realize the dream of Proferia sleep.

A compact continental bed, with extreme pliability and amazing surface softness—qualities that will give you a blissfully undisturbed sleep .

Lying in the Proferia is like listening to the finest symphony. Delicate but powerful layers of feeling. Passionate and overwhelming in its intense support and pressure relief. Your body will be carried in perfect balance, with support coming from deep within.

Hästens Proferia is extremely balanced with individual spring elasticity—making your partner’s movements go unnoticed. With Hästens Proferia, we have taken the best of the base techniques from Hästens 2000T, such as triple spring systems and the unique layering technique of the natural materials, giving you a deep sense of comfort.

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Packed with innovation, the Hästens 2000T is a groundbreaking bed. A design that delivers a beautiful sleep experience. Soft and pliable Hästens 2000T is responsive in its support; adjusting effortlessly to your micro-movements and slight changes in position as you sleep.

Your body’s movements, as well as those of your sleeping partner, will remain isolated; thanks to a combination of three separate Hästens Spring Systems working in unison to support your entire body.

Hästens 2000T is as elegant as it is comfortable, finished with detailing in brushed aluminium, with its mattress finished with piping and double side stitching to maintain its elegant profile and structure.

Each Hästens 2000T bears its own personal name plaque, engraved as desired but only after a thorough inspection by one of our master craftsmen. A superior bed requires undivided attention to every detail.

One of our most popular beds, spending a night in Hastens’ 2000T gives you a sense of weightlessness as you enjoy a truly beautiful sleep.

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Vividus is the ultimate perfection. The luxury bed of luxury beds. The result of our centuries-long passion for craftsmanship and passion for expert bed making. Hästens Vividus is a showcase of the finest natural materials, painstaking traditional handcraft and detailing. And to experience the Vividus sleep is like touching a dream. Quite simply, it’s the best bed we’ve ever made.

A bed like Vividus can only be truly experienced in person at a limited number of exclusive locations. During your private, VIP experience you’ll be guided through Vividus’ construction, your personalised options and immerse yourself in its tranquilty.

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