All we know is the Hästens way

Working by hand we create Hästens beds exclusively for you. Our master craftsmen draw on knowledge and skills that can be traced back through generations.


We’ve made beds this way since 1852, and we’re yet to find a better way. Sure, there’s been refinement, as our mastery of natural materials has progressed but pure handcraft lies at the core of every detail of our beds. And the quality of the result is something that you can feel and sense, even before you lay down.


They say obsession is dangerous. And Hästens was, and still is, driven by our master craftsmen whose obsession with their art is unerring. A desire to make better beds than anyone else on this earth. The best beds in the world—an ambitious goal, yet one that we truly believe we’ve achieved. The finest natural materials in the finest, most capable hands.


Sweden’s legacy of design and handcrafting is long, illustrious and fascinating. Rooted in what it is to be Swedish, how we think, act and live. And Hästens is very much a part of this legacy; boasting many landmark developments of our own that have actively contributed to how we sleep today.

Behind every Hästens bed, from the feet up, are hundreds of man hours of iterations, research, development and design considerations. A true case of design thinking in every aspect of its construction; with every element performing numerous individual tasks that add up to the whole Hästens experience of perfect sleep.

Sleep lies in the details. The engineering of the bed. In the devotion of the master craftsman’s work and handling of the all-natural materials. The selection of slow-growing pine from Sweden’s north. It’s flax; durable and anti-static. Softest cotton distributed by hand. Breathable, temperature-regulating wool. And horsetail hair, breathable and naturally springy.


Sleep is in the details, in the engineering of the bed, in the utmost devotion of the master craftsman’s work and in the all-natural materials. Each of our beds is packed with clever design touches that add up to an even better sleep.


All our beds are made by hand in Sweden. And, if there’s one thing Sweden knows, it’s crafting things from natural materials with our hands. When it comes to making a Hästens bed, no machine can surpass the talents and techniques used by our master craftsmen.
They give it a higher dimension, building the spirit of excellence into all our beds and keeping them forever connected to the heart of Hästens.
In the right bed you will feel comfortable, rested, rejuvenated, healthy and energized. The difference is something you feel night after night after night. When you lie in your Hästens bed, imagine the caring hands that made it. It’s almost like they are there to tuck you in every night.


Layer upon layer of genuine horsetail hair, cotton and wool, in a rigorously calculated composition, is placed by hand and distributed evenly. The horsetail hair is carefully hand-teased, an ancient artisanal task, to achieve a ventilating structure with superior humidity absorption. This is just one of the crafts we use that takes skill, experience and time.

Our craftsmen know with the slightest touch whether the perfect balance has been reached. If not, they begin again. There’s no compromise where your comfort is concerned.


Hästens Bonnell and Hästens Pocket Springs are made in Swedish steel and are set in combinations to give your bed its special support characteristics.
We use firmer, stiffer springs for the corners of the bed to help keep the shape and isolate the springs closest to you in pockets so that you’ll not hear them working. If your bed has a Hästens Bonnell, those springs are insulated with flax to eliminate any noise.
Early on we discovered that it’s important that the springs closest to your body move independently of each other, so that your movements during sleep will be smooth and not wake you up. At the same time, any movements from your sleeping partner won’t interrupt your sleep either.


Hästens mattresses have a unique side stitching. On the surface, a bed just looks better with a side stitch—straight lines mixing with stylish undulations on our signature Hästens check. But we’ve refined our side stitch into a functional piece of design. By varying the positioning of the stitching, angle and frequency we can enhance the specific qualities of specific beds. Heightening the responsive support or bringing out surface softness. Ask an advisor instore about the ways our side stitch works and experience the difference.